Album: Turn It Up Faggot

The album's title refers to a taunt that was shouted at the band during early live shows although the album is also referred to as self-titled. The album's notes dedicate the album to Justin Bosworth, the band's original bassist, who died in 2004. Lead singer Bradford Cox did the cover photography, typography and montage for the album. For the front cover of the record, Bradford Cox took a picture of Jared Swilley from the Black Lips, recognisable to some because of the tattoo on his arm. Lead singer Bradford Cox has often expressed aversion towards their debut in interviews, "I hate that album, I really do. I liked it when we did it, but we were a young band-- just really desperate to put something out-- and I don't think we were ready." User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.