Artist: Sacrilegious Impalement

Black Metal band from Lahti, Finland. Formed by Impaler Von Bastard in 2005. Sacrilegious Impalement is: Impaler Von Bastard: Guitars Wrathprayer: Vocals Tooloud: Bass Revenant: Drums Discography: Promo - Demo 2006 (Independent) Sacrilegious Impalement - S/T - MCD/MLP 2007 (Blasphemous Underground) World in Ashes 7" EP 2008 (Blasphemous Underground) Cultus Nex Full-length, 2009 (Hammer of Hate) II - Exalted Spectres Full-lenght, 2011 (Hammer of Hate) III - Lux Infera Full-lenght, 2013 (Woodcut Records) ead more on

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